EBookThe Speaking All Unity

Did you ever have the feeling that you were connected to a higher power?
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The Word of the Universal Creator-Spirit Did you ever have the feeling that you were connected to a higher power, but not a religion – because the teachings were inconsistent and your questions remained unanswered or the religious words and deeds did not seem to be in accord? This book will make it possible for you to acquire a new image of God. From the “Big Bang” to questions on why there are addictions, murder and natural disasters, you will find answers that denominational teachings have left unanswered. Learn why a respectful and loving treatment of other life forms is so important and about what we can learn from the animals and how we can again live more in harmony with nature. Finally, find out how you can find your way to a more conscious life: through knowledge, a resepctful, loving way of looking at things, contemplation and practicing on yourself. https://gabriele-publishing.com/

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